MAY 2018 


Hi Debbie. Thanks for your reply. I managed to rebuild the callipers, hopefully successfully. Could I compliment Coopercraft on the very high standard of engineering. The components that make up your system are superb and they are so much better than the original Dunlops.



 ‘I’ve had a set before on another Alvis and they’ve been great – I’d like to order some more for another one’ 



APRIL 2018 


‘Just fitted your uprated brake kit to my Bristol 411, they work very well, very pleased’



Good Morning Peter,

Just to let you know the brake kit for the Jensen arrived yesterday morning, thank you, I am very impressed with the new aluminium callipers.




MARCH 2018


Stoneleigh International Jaguar Spares Day comments:


‘Fantastic product, my last customer was delighted – I’m really pushing your brake kits in Ireland’


‘Great brakes, I’ve got them on mine!’ 

‘This is my 4th set, I know how good they are….’


‘You were fantastic, problem solved, very helpful!’ (Technical enquiry)


I thoroughly recommend your brakes – I’ve had 3 sets on 3 cars!’



Hi Debbie,

I have got them, super!!

Txs for your service

Kind regards, S.V.D.S





Thanks Debbie, all good then.

PS, these rear pistons and front callipers are beautifully made, they’re just so nice to look at.

I would advise that Coopercraft brakes should only ever be fitted with wire wheels so that their great design and finish is never hidden.







Greetings Coopercraft….

Hello from California.  I’ve been referred to you by my friends at JD Classics in Maldon, Essex.  Though my Jaguar and I reside here in the States the fine team at JDC has done considerable work on my Jag, and I’ve run the Mille Miglia in Italy with them.

S.R at JD Classics speaks highly of your firm and of your brake upgrade kits.  Specifically, he is suggesting that I consider this Coopercraft kit…..






im writing from Germany. My Jaguar MKII has been uprated with COOPERCRAFT Kits No. 4 (billet alluminium & vented discs) at the front wheels, and No. 5 for the rear axle. And I’m very happy with it.




 ‘I fitted your cast iron set to the front of my E type roadster over 10 years ago, they’ve been no problem at all, really good performance and still looking good today’




Hello Debbie,

Thank you for your response.  I would like to say…I have used Coopercraft in the past with great success.!!

One customer felt his car stopped a little too well….




Hi Debbie,

Thanks to the quality look (not fitted yet) of the disc brake conversion we purchased from yourselves we have sold another set.

Please find order attached below.

Delivery for anytime in January will be fine.


‘We fitted your front kit to an Aston Martin DB4  – a nice product which works very well and looks much better than others available on the market’




Dear Mr Cooper,

a friend of mine, also from Germany, told me I should contact you about the following break upgrade.

We are restoring my ISO Grifo first Series which has Dunlop brakes. He told me that he chose your Coopercraft brakes on the front and is satisfied.

As we did put Coopercraft brakes three years ago on my E-type Series 1 and I am extremely satisfied I think about using your system.

There are some questions I would like to ask and I would be very happy to receive your answers.

Thank you very much for your support.

With best regards




Ive got your kit on the front of my XK140 and they’re superb, it’s perfect with the drums on the rear and no servo’




 I have a 1968 series 1.5 e type with your cast iron vented front rotor kit and it’s fantastic!

I am restoring a 1965 E type fhc and I would like to install the same kit – what is the shipping cost to Melbourne Australia?




‘ I’ve got your brake kits on my XK150 and others – you people know what you’re doing!’


Stoneleigh International Jaguar Spares Day comments:

‘I’m very happy with your brakes – I had them on my XK120 and I’ve got them on my XK140, they’re great!’


‘I do like your brakes – they’re better than a new car!’


‘I’ve also got an E Type with your brakes on, they are very good’


‘I fitted a set of your billet alloy calipers to my XJS. The old ones used to seize up all the time, now I just get in and drive it – they are fantastic!’ 




Hello Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the new front and rear brakes on my XK150. I previously had your 4 pot calipers on the car for about 20 years now and have always been pleased with the performance however the combined new front and rears have made a quite noticeable improvement on my original system.

Many thanks and congratulations on your excellent products that have made such a difference to my lovely old car.

Kind regards,

M.T  (upgraded to billet alloy front and rear brake kits)



Hello Coopercraft,

It’s time to upgrade to a more modern brake feeling on my Jaguar E-type FHC 1962

And I heard of your great products

Can you make me a quote for: KIT 4 Billet aluminium vented front kit.

Regards and have great day




Hello Coopercraft

Well done for spotting my E-Type does not benefit from your brake upgrades and leaving your calling card on the screen.

It may do one day but in the interim rest assured we already use your stuff on customer cars, most recently less than 4 weeks ago.

Kind regards

K.P (@ Goodwood Revival Race Meeting)



Hello Debbie and Peter,

You will find here attached some pictures of the brakes upgrade on my Jag MK2

It fits very well, I’very satisfied about your products

Thanks again

Best regards




The good news is that on my Mk 2 I have the best front calipers available – Coopercraft!  I bought them from you in the late 1990’s and they still work great.  In 15 years I sadly have only about 100 miles on the car, but I have kept the brakes working by driving the car approx. once per month.  I think the front calipers are working fine, although I have not taken them apart to check.  But now I am going through the entire car and getting it back on the road, and I came across the rear calipers which are in bad shape.

Please let me know if I should order the steel kit, shipped to CT in USA.  I can call you today with credit card.

Many thanks.




Dear Debbie,

we thank you very much for everything: delivery was fine and François was very happy with the break kit we have bought. It was really easy to install and looks great. We look forward to trying it on the road !

We are happy customers !

Best regards,

S.L – MK2


JULY 2017


Thanks for that I’d  like to order the aluminium front calipers but I notice there is mention on your website of updated rear piston assemblies.

Please will you let me know what the differences are between these and my current inch and five eighth assemblies and what is the price for the rears?

I’ve been using your four pot fronts with the original rear units for 22 years now and have found them to be excellent so would be interested to know what you think would be the advantages of changing the rears also?


M.T – XK150


Hello Debbie,

Just to let you know the calipers arrived yesterday. They look fantastic. Can’t wait to get them installed and go for a mountain drive.  Thanks for the great service.


B.L –  S1 4.2 E type



Hi Debbie,

Received my shipment today and am very impressed with your product.


G.C  – Mk2


Hello Debbie,

Thanks again for the quick and most pleasant service.


B.L –  S1 4.2 E type front billet alloy brake upgrade


‘We’ve just fitted your brake kit to a 3.8 E Type, fantastic looking calipers which fitted perfectly, great product.

We are definitely interested in your Bentley drum to disc conversion, will be in touch soon.’

D.M –  Rolls Royce/Bentley specialist.


JUNE 2017


Good evening,

In the last few weeks you have supplied a rear brake kit, pads etc for a Mk2 Jaguar.

These have been a great addition to the Coopercraft vented discs and 4 pot callipers that transformed the front end braking when I installed your kit a couple of years back.

The new set up has been used in anger at two Goodwood track days in the last week and the brakes are doing a good job of stopping from much higher speeds.



We are planning to upgrade the brakes on a 1972 XJ6 restoration project with EBC RK239 vented rotors.

We’re also interested in the stainless Goodridge braided hoses.

Please provide a quote including shipping



(We purchased your brake upgrades for the Jaguar Mk2 and are very pleased with performance).


 MAY 2017


‘I’ve heard great things about your products. The people fitting my new brake kit have fitted your brakes to MK2’s and XK’s and say they have been totally transformed’

S.R – Daimler 250 V8


Hi Deb I received the callipers and pads today 3/5/17.  There great very nicely done,  top quality.   thanks for your great service.

Regards M.L


APRIL 2017


Your brakes are 20 years old and as good as new!

J.H  – S.1 E Type


Thanks Debbie,

I look forward to my delivery – great service


L.F  – S1 E Type front brake upgrade


Good morning Peter.

Just a quick note to let you know that the brakes on the E-type worked very well all the way back to Dover yesterday.

Many thanks for all your help and assistance and I will let you know in the future when we require the rear brakes to be reconditioned as discussed.

Kind regards

D.B  – S.1 4.2 E type roadster

(Coopercraft billet alloy vented front disc brake upgrade supplied & fitted with new master cylinder, servo & Goodridge stainless steel flexible hoses).


‘Hello Debbie – I would like to order another lovely pair of your world famous brakes’



MARCH 2017


Hello Debbie,

All items received in perfect condition.

Wonderfull parts.

Best regards

LLC – C Type replica





I am contacting you from Australia.

I have a Daimler Dart SP250 with very poor brakes.

I would like to upgrade, do you have them to fit my 1964 SP250?

I have purchased your product for my Mk2 Jaguar some years ago and they were fantastic.

Can you please provide a quote for shipping to Queensland  Australia.

Look forward to hearing from you


B.M …………………… Hi Debbie

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the calipers and disc plates.

I have finally got the SP250 back on the road with fantastic brakes.

Attached is a pic of the caliper mounted with the disc. Looks very business like eh.

Best regards





‘Unrivalled technical experience and backup from Coopercraft International’:


Hi there

Just a quick update on the brake situation.  After our last discussion I did make adjustments to the linkage arm on the rear brake master cylinder.  This had very little free play and this was adjusted to ~2mm.  At this stage the hand brake had been removed so this could not cause a problem and the foot brake then behaved with no problems.  I have now reinstalled the overhauled hand brake calipers so if there are any further problems it must be down to the hand brake.

I had never come across this problem with free travel on the master cylinder before and there is no mention of it in any of the collection of E-type books I have.

Thanks for your assistance

S.T UK – S.1 E Type 3.8




‘I’d like to order a set of brakes for my Bristol 406 – I’ve had a set on my 407 for 10 years and they’re still going strong, great brakes, great product’.





Hi Debbie,

Just want to say “thanks” for getting the order here so quickly. It’s an amazing world, when I can order in the UK on Monday and have it here by the weekend.

Never would have dreamed that when i started this car 20 years ago… now I have no excuses for not finishing!

Everything fits perfectly, and is a huge improvement on the original, both in looks and of course, function.

Best regards,

B.S – Jaguar Mk2

Dear Sirs

A good friend of mine has replaced the old brake calipers in his Jag E and is very happy. That is the reason why I thing to do it the same way.

Could you please send me an offer for those two items?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.





your products are highly recommended by the Alvis club, and many others’



Good morning Mr Cooper,

I have received my brake pads safe and sound, a very good service, if you let me have a list of other products or services you sell I would definitely use Coopercraft International again .


M.M – Jaguar Mk2


JULY 2016


‘I’d like to give you some feedback – I fitted your vented kit in 1 hour, everything fitted perfectly and works beautifully thank you.

The kit arrived by midday the following day from ordering, all good! ‘

N.J – S.1 E Type 4.2


Peter/Debbie, Got the calipers, thanks heaps.

Very nice piece of kit and an absolute pleasure to deal with you folks.


L.W – Cobra replica


JUNE 2016


‘Fitted your alloy front calipers 6 years ago and I’ve done 30,000 miles in that time, never had better brakes, even on a modern car – they’re spot-on!’

M.B – XK150


I fitted a set of your uprated brakes to a customer’s E type S.1 about 3 years ago. They’ve been fantastic so I’d like to order another set for a S.1 3.8.



MAY 2016


‘Of all the suppliers I have spoken to you know what you are talking about so I would like to order your products.’



Dave Hathaway (track instructor @ Watkins Glen) & Brian Donavan speak very highly of your products as do many others.

Thank you.

B.S  S.1 E type


APRIL 2016


‘I’ve just done  2000 miles on a classic rally in France and the new brakes were fantastic’

TR – Daimler SP250 



Dear sirs,

Some years ago I bought your aluminium uprated caliper set for my Series 1.5 E-Type. I have today I am very happy with them, they give me much more control and a greater feeling of safety on the modern roads.




‘Great stuff, love the product!’

Supplying  to renowned U.K Bristol Specialist for over 15 years





I’ve bought you a pair of front  4pots caliper for my 1966 jaguar S Type and I’m very happy with your upgrade.




‘We‘ve just fitted your brake kit to a customer’s XK140 and it’s beautiful – the owner is chuffed to bits with it’

G.N – US Jaguar Specialist


‘Fitted your full kit to a series 1 E type and it all worked out beautifully, thanks’

Ray – UK Jaguar Specialist




G’day, purshased the 4 spot upgrade for my daimler 2.5ltr around 18 months ago. Can’t believe the difference they made.

Cheers Glen




‘so pleased with the brakes, they are brilliant – a wonderful product’

J.B – XK140


Dear Sir,

My E Type was restored some 10 years ago, and fitted with your front brake conversion, which continues to give first class braking performance, and reliability.



‘your brakes make my car a delight to drive’

T.P – S1 E type


JULY 2015


Your brakes are absolutely  brilliant, the braking’s never been so good ( on a recent run, I could outperform 2 E types with ease) – if anyone needs a recommendation I’d be only too happy to oblige!

J.B  – XK140


Dear Mr. Cooper,
It occurs to me that you may appreciate some after sales feedback.
Your front disc brake conversion was fitted to my 1953 XK120 OTS in March 2014. The transformation in braking performance is startlingly impressive. Pedal pressure is light, in fact fully up to modern car standards – and without any servo assistance. After more than a year, the brakes’ performance is still first class and very reassuring in more than matching the demands of Malaysia’s roads and heavy traffic in our fiercely tropical climate.
I have had no hesitation in recommending Coopercraft disc brakes to fellow members of the Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register.
You can be justifiably proud of your products.
Yours sincerely,


Dear Sirs

I have a 1960 Jaguar Mk2 3.8 that I would like to improve from a modern day driving point of view.

I have previously fitted a full set of your brakes (discs & callipers) to my 1964 E-type and have been very impressed by their performance.



‘your brakes are absolutely spectacular – I’ve had them on the car since 1998 and “they do exactly what it says on the tin”,  thanks.

R.J – E Type S.1


MAY 2015


Hello All,

I’ve had your front calipers on my 1958 Jaguar XK150 for quite some time now with great success. It’s a fabulous product and really gives confidence in modern traffic.

Many thanks.



Dear Peter,

I am so much satisfied by your front kit for E-type, that I would like to buy you the rear one.

My car is a 1962 E-type 1 serie, 3.8L.

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards,



MARCH 2015


Good Afternoon Debbie,

The kits have arrived. They look great.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

Christoph E type S.1






Our customer has had your Coopercraft front disc conversion on his MK5 Jaguar for 2 years and is very pleased, it has transformed the car.



JUNE 2014



End of the nineties I had ordered a complete set of brakes to replace the original Jaguar brakes  - I am very happy with these brakes .

Could you now deliver a complete set of brake-pads for all 4 brakes

Please send to me in France

G.G – XK150


‘By the way, both sets of front 4 pots I’ve bought from you are still performing a treat!’

T.P – E type S.1


MAY 2014


‘The front calipers are excellent and improved the braking considerably. It took less than two hours to fit the pair including bleeding and setting up.

Thanks so much.’

E.W – S1 E Type


APRIL 2014


Dear Debby,

Brakes received. Thanks for the fast delivery and service. Perfect.

Kind regards,

Sjaak -  XK 140

MARCH 2014


‘Coopercraft brakes – the best brakes in the world’

D. N – E type S.1



‘I fitted your brakes on my E type, front and rear, years ago. They’re brilliant, they have saved me on more than one occasion. I have more confidence & enjoy driving the car so much more!’

‘I fitted your front & rear kit to my XK150 – super brakes, I can’t fault them.!’




I fitted your brakes front and  rear some years ago to a historically famous racing Jaguar MKI -  I never looked back, they are superb.

I have recently sold the car to a well-known collector and now have an XK150S, so would like to order from you again.

Received calipers etc. today with grateful thanks, great delivery service.

Best regards,

G.R – XK150S


Hello Debbie,

last week i received your brakes and should compliment you for the excellent product.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Many thanks

Best regards

R.C – E Type SI & SII




Dear Coopercraft,

Please quote me on a front & rear brake kit for my Jaguar XK120 , shipped to Sydney, Australia.

The lower end of the performance scale would be appropriate, given the cars’ intended use.

 Your company has a great reputation in this country.






‘absolutely fantastic, all the parts fitted on really easily and the brakes work so well, delighted thank you’

A.D – XK140


‘if you ever need an endorsement, they’re brilliant. I have them on my E type and I’ve just fitted an alloy vented set to a 3.8 E type with standard servo, etc. They work superbly, like modern car braking’



In the Past we installed so many of your Calipers and they work all just perfect.

Thank you

Best regards, J.B


Dear Sir,

I bought a brake kit alloy vented in 2008. It’s a very good product to improve braking.




Hi Debbie i fitted your full brake caliper upgrade package to my XK 150 in 2012 . It transformed the braking efficacy to such an extent that i have now done 3 track days and 2 major tours the last been 4100 miles to the top of Norway. This trip was done in only 15 days actual driving so we were pushing on. The billet aluminium looks like new after 11,000 hard miles and no matter how dusty and stained it gets , comes up like new with a spray of P21S wheel gel. The pad upgrade to EBC “green stuff”as recommended by yourselves has resulted in a great reduction in brake dust deposition on my wire wheels and also has taken the stopping power to another level. Coopercraft brake upgrades are certainly not the cheapest on the market but i feel you get a vastly superior product that is worth every penny you spend.

S B – North Yorkshire DB 207 (see gallery)



Thank you very much. The brakes now are just as they should be.

Relatively light pedal with the travel much reduced travel from the way it was, progressive and firm. The car drives straight and true, the weaving and twitching has gone – not surprising now that all the suspension parts are secure. I’ll return to the differential again after the new correct oil has had some use.

Best wishes,

D B, Devon – V12 E type



Many years ago i installed in my jaguar XK 150 your complete set of brakes – still working perfect !!



Dear Mr Cooper,

Just a note to thank you for the work you did on my 3.8 Mk2. It’s going really well and a pleasure to drive, with the vibration from the prop shaft and the fluffing from the exhaust from the air leak gone. Also, I can’t believe its not dropping oil anymore! I’d got so used to it over the years I’d given up on it.

The fine weather has given me the chance to get about a bit, more than it has for ten years or so. The more the engine gets used the better it gets. I might even exceed 1000 miles!

anyway, thanks once again for transforming the car.

Regards M S – Somerset



‘I have your excellent brakes on my E Type and they have saved me on more than one occasion.’



‘I’ve had your front calipers on my 1958 XK150 for many years now and have been delighted with the stopping power they provide.’


MAY 2013


‘Hi, we fitted the new calipers and bedded in new Mintex 1144 pads all round. The rears squeal a little under light load.

I used the car in a sprint day at Eastern Creek and they worked very nicely, definitely more bite at the front than previously. There is a total saving of 7 Kgs over the 4 pot XJS calipers I previously used. ‘

A.L – E type Series 2 race car


‘Sirs – I had a set of Coopercraft calipers fitted around ten years ago to my 1966 E-Type roadster. Ta very much – a lot more reassuring in modern traffic!’


APRIL 2013


‘Thanks very much for the clarification. I bought my first Coopercrafts for my Jaguar MK 2 and this set for my Jaguar E Type Series One both have proved excellent in service.’



‘As always your response was quick and accurate – Thank you’




‘Dear all,

I’ve fitted the front brakes and am building up to doing the rear ones. The brakes are noticeably better even so. What were Jaguar thinking of when they put the original brakes on??

Thanks again, a pleasure doing business with you.’

N.W- E type 2+2



‘Good morning, I received the package yesterday afternoon, everything ok, thank you for kind cooperation. It ‘been a pleasure doing business with you. ‘

L.C – E Type S.1



‘Now I have mounted the disc-brakes. Absolute perfect function and no problems to fit to the car with this system. Many commendations to your engineers. I am very happy with these brakes.’

H.J – Jaguar XK120


‘Just to let you know, received the calipers on Friday and fitted them yesterday, as per instructions, no problems. Superb brakes cannot believe the difference or how I managed to stop at all !!

Please pass on to the powers that be, the service provided has been extremely efficient ,friendly and hassle free.’

C.W- Jaguar S type



‘I recently purchased a pair of alloy calipers for the front brakes of my Series 1 E-Type and finally got around to fitting them this weekend past. I must first thank you for producing such a fine product that was a breeze to install as, unlike others that I have heard about, these units bolted straight on and required no shimming to make sure that they were centred.’



‘the brakes are absolutely fantastic, like modern car braking – I’m very happy with the results’

R.C – XK150



“ the whole kit I bought from you is beautiful!”

Tom – Jaguar Mk2


‘We bought some parts from you for a series 1 E-type some weeks ago, the parts are fitted and working well, I was impressed with the quality of the parts and your easy service, Thank you.’



‘your brakes have been such a delight since I fitted them in 2001 and I’ll happily endorse and recommend them to anyone considering fitting them’

J.B – Jaguar XK140

JULY 2012


‘The brake installation is complete on both cars and we are delighted with the result. Not too powerful for sudden applications but more than adequate’.

B.C – Jaguar E type S.1’s

APRIL 2012


‘I’ve had your four cylinder front calipers fitted to my Series 1 ‘E’ Type Jaguar for some time and it’s the best thing that happened to my car!’

MARCH 2012


‘I just would like to say that I´m very pleased with the new brakes. I´ts like a new car. This is really a super upgrade. I feel more confident on the road.’

C.U – Jaguar E type S.1


‘Just wanted to let you know I have received the order. I am very pleased with everything and wanted to thank you again for your help.’

Jeff – Jaguar XK150